Where Exactly is the Signature at MGM Grand Located?

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MGM Signature Condo Hotel Quick Facts


Because the three golden glass high rise towers know as The Signature at MGM Grand are located east of the Las Vegas Boulevard and Harmon Avenue intersection, people don’t see then as they walk THE STRIP.  The addresses of the 3 guard gated towers are 125 E. Harmon Ave, 135 E. Harmon Ave., and 145 E. Harmon Ave.

They are also known as Towers C ( 125), B ( 135), and A ( 145), Or Tower 1 ( 145) Tower 2 ( 135) Tower 3 ( 125).

To add further confusion – since all three towers are identical in layout and the suites are numbered the same in each tower, for internal purposes, MGM SIGNATURE Residential Services inserts either a 6, 7, or 8 in between the floor and unit location number.  For example, unit 2311 in tower 2 will be 23711.  Unit 2311 in tower 1 will be 23611.

Tower A is very popular because it is closest to the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino and the STUDIO WALK ( photo below) that connects the two.


This is The Studio Walk that Connects The Signature MGM Las Vegas Hotel Condos to the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino



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