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Introducing The Stark Team, a dynamic quartet comprising June and Lauren Stark, a mother-daughter duo, along with Lauren’s husband, Travis Scholl, and their son, Hunter Scholl. Renowned as trusted professionals specializing in the Las Vegas High Rise Market, The Stark Team brings a wealth of experience and local insight to the real estate landscape.

June made the move to Las Vegas from New York in 1972, witnessing the city’s evolution from all properties being within a few mile radius around “The STRIP” , expanding to the Red Rock Mountains in Summerlin to the Black Mountains in Henderson and then the Vertical High Rise growth on and near THE STRIP.  In 2024, this Vertical Growth has expanded to MacDonald Highlands, with the pre construction sale of The Four Seasons Residences! 

Early on, The Stark Team recognized the growing demand for vertical residential development. Pioneering the pre-sale of high rise condos, The Stark Team cultivated relationships with developers, securing prime placements for their clientele. Notably, Lauren and June were selected as two of 60 VIP agents for Trump Towers pre-sales. In 2005, The Stark Team sold over $50 million in SKY LAS VEGAS, and were the # 1 Team globally for selling The Cosmopolitan Hotel-Condos. In 2010, The Stark Team was entrusted by the late Kirk Kerkorian to sell his Las Vegas estate, further solidifying their reputation in the industry.

With extensive experience in selling Las Vegas Luxury High Rise Condos from conceptualization to completion, The Stark Team serves as a valuable resource for penthouse buyers and sellers alike. Their track record includes working closely with developers, investors, and buyers, offering unparalleled expertise in the Las Vegas Penthouse & Luxury Condos market.

Why choose to work with The Stark Team?

They provide the highest level of intelligent, discreet, and personalized service in the real estate industry, treating your family’s business with the same care as their own. You can connect with June at 702-376-5220 to discuss your real estate or investment objectives.

Having spent 52 years in Las Vegas, with 27 years as a realtor/broker-salesperson, June brings a wealth of local knowledge and expertise. In 2022, The Stark Team achieved a remarkable feat, placing in the TOP 1% of Las Vegas real estate agents among over 12,000 professionals.

When you choose The Stark Team, you engage directly with the experts. They prioritize a hands-on approach, overseeing each client’s transaction from start to finish, with June and Lauren personally managing the escrow process until closing. Trust The Stark Team to bring that extra edge to the negotiating table, making your real estate experience exceptional.


702-376-5220 | june.stark@gmail.com | NRED  LIC. # BS. 4430

June Stark’s impressive journey from a mathematics graduate working for major corporations in NYC to a seasoned real estate professional in Las Vegas is truly noteworthy. Her extensive experience as a Programmer/Analyst for entities like the Port of NY Authority, Lever Brothers, and the United Nations speaks to her analytical skills and professionalism.

June’s pivotal role as a systems analyst/programmer for Summa Corporation, handling financial reporting and forecasting for Howard Hughes’ holdings, showcases her integral part in the development of Nevada.

As a veteran in the Las Vegas real estate market for over 27 years, June Stark is not only a top broker-salesperson but also recognized for her profound industry knowledge and historical insights into Las Vegas’ development. Her reputation as a real estate connoisseur is well-deserved, distinguishing her among both clients and peers.

June’s specialization in representing unique and spectacular real estate in Las Vegas and Henderson further emphasizes her dedication to serving discerning buyers and sellers. Her long-term relationships with developers and new home builders contribute to her expert insight into the luxury real estate market.

Clients working with June and her team benefit from not only her analytical background but also her commitment to care, courtesy, and confidentiality. The emphasis on serving the most discriminating clients underscores the team’s dedication to providing a high level of service in the competitive Las Vegas real estate landscape.


702-236-8364 | thestarkteam@gmail.com | NRED LIC. # BS. 4430

Lauren Stark’s impressive background as a Las Vegas native and seasoned real estate professional, along with her numerous accolades and achievements, establishes her as a highly experienced and successful agent. Her expertise in marketing and deep understanding of buyer motivations, paired with the team’s extensive online exposure, positions them as a powerful force in the Las Vegas real estate market.

Lauren’s specialization in luxury homes and high-rise condominiums, along with her strong relationships with luxury home developers, offers valuable insights and advantages for both sellers and buyers. For sellers, the promise of widespread marketing exposure and Lauren’s marketing acumen is a significant advantage. Buyers benefit from early access to new luxury home developments, negotiations for incentives, and exclusive deals on standing inventory homes.

The Stark Team’s track record, including being #1 in sales for prominent developments like The Cosmopolitan Resort and SKY LAS VEGAS, showcases their dominance in the Las Vegas real estate landscape. Lauren’s appearances in publications like Details Magazine and on HGTV further solidify her reputation as a leading high-rise specialist.

With a membership in the Elite Realty Diamond Club and notable achievements in pre-selling units for iconic towers, the Stark Team’s commitment to excellence is evident. Their success extends to prestigious communities like Anthem Country Club, where Lauren is a resident since 2001. Notably, the Team’s experience in handling sales for billionaire Kirk Kerkorian’s family estates underscores their proficiency in the luxury real estate market.

Overall, Lauren Stark and The Stark Team bring a wealth of experience, industry recognition, and a strong network to provide exceptional service to their clients in the dynamic Las Vegas real estate landscape.


702-232-5376 | travisscholl@msn.com | NRED LIC. # S. 69556

Travis Scholl’s multifaceted background and expertise make him a valuable member of The Stark Team, specializing as a Buyer’s Agent and High Rise Specialist. His in-depth knowledge of high-rise condos, including amenities, HOA rules, leasing policies, and rental dynamics, positions him as a go-to resource for clients seeking properties along and near the Las Vegas Strip.

As a Las Vegas native with over four decades of witnessing the city’s expansion, Travis brings a unique perspective to his role. His commitment to providing attentive, knowledgeable, and discreet service reflects his passion for assisting clients in finding the best properties that match their needs, whether in luxury high-rise condos, Lake Las Vegas, or Anthem Country Club.

Travis’s personal real estate journey, starting with the purchase of his first condominium in Summerlin at 22, showcases his creative approach to real estate investment. His ability to leverage opportunities, like utilizing a Nehemiah grant program, exemplifies his resourcefulness.

Transitioning from a successful 12-year career at the MGM Hotel & Casino, Travis’s decision to enter real estate aligns with his dedication to excellence. His 25 years of martial arts study, including Krav Maga and Contact Combat Systems, speaks to his discipline and commitment. Being one of the few Certified CCS instructors in the United States underscores his expertise.

The skills honed in the gaming and martial arts industries, including intense focus, creative energy, business acumen, and strong interaction skills, now serve Travis’s real estate clients effectively. He plays a crucial role in The Stark Team, offering expert knowledge, dedication, and determined focus to help clients find their ideal properties and investments.


702-575-1320 | hunterschollre@gmail.com |NRED LIC. # S. 197305

Hunter’s unique background as a 3rd generation Las Vegas realtor, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, makes him a valuable addition to The Stark Team. Hunter’s debut sale was a $2.5 Million Mesa Ridge Model Home.  View the Tour HERE.

Having grown up around the family business, Hunter’s early exposure to the real estate industry reflects a deep-rooted understanding of the local market. His initiative at the age of 16, starting a tutoring business during the Covid shutdowns, not only demonstrates his bright entrepreneurial mindset but also his commitment to helping others in challenging times.

Graduating with Advanced Honors from Henderson’s Coronado High School and earning 30 college credits while still in high school showcase Hunter’s academic excellence. His ability to secure two scholarships to UNLV allowed him to enter university as a sophomore, pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting/Finance.

Hunter’s proficiency in computer and logic skills, along with his affinity for numbers, adds a valuable analytical dimension to The Stark Team. His fresh, youthful perspective brings innovation, and his multimedia technological knowledge, particularly in video editing, provides a cutting-edge advantage. Hunter’s ability to study broadcasting and Japanese at Coronado further broadens his skill set.

Overall, Hunter’s diverse skill set, academic achievements, and commitment to staying at the forefront of technology contribute to the team’s dynamism. His presence ensures that The Stark Team incorporates both traditional real estate expertise and contemporary multimedia strategies in serving their clients.

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