Hunter Scholl



A 3rd generation Las Vegas realtor, born & raised in Las Vegas, Hunter grew up around the family business.   

Hunter is a bright entrepreneurial young man.  At 16, during the Covid shutdowns, he started a tutoring business to help students struggling with the online only classwork.  He became so busy through word of mouth, that he had to turn down additional students, as he was still a student himself! 

He graduated Henderson’s Coronado High School with Advanced Honors, earned 30 college credits while still in high school, & received 2 scholarships to UNLV. This enabled him to enter UNLV as a sophomore.  He is  currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance/Marketing. 

Hunter has amazing computer & logic skills, as well as a penchant for numbers. He brings a fresh youthful mindset to The Stark Team,  as well as cutting edge multimedia technological knowledge. Hunter’s video editing skills are extraordinary ( he was able to study broadcasting at Coronado, along with Japanese!). 



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