5 Fast Tips to Get Your High Rise Ready for Sale


Thinking of Selling Your Las Vegas High Rise Condo?

Here are 5 Fast Stark Team Tips to Maximize your Sales Pice and Minimize Days on Market.

  1. Sell Unoccupied:   Many high rise condos such as The Martin and Panorama Towers have closet space that is on the small size.  Jam Packed closets emphasize and draw attention to this.  Leave the appliances empty, refrigerators all cleaned out and spic and span. And whatever  you do, if you are renting out your condo, wait until the tenant’s lease is up before you list for rent.  Yes   – it will cut into your cash flow but for sure – selling vacant sans tenants will result in a higher sales price in 80% of the cases. ( Today we showed a ONE LAS VEGAS CONDO for sale with a tenant in place. The tenant opened the door and said, “Come in.  Have a look around”.  We take our clients into the master and lo and behold, her other half was shirtless and under the covers in bed working on his laptop.  He greeted our senior citizen clients with a “hi there”, and a wave. It was disconcerting, and no one stayed to look at the property.  The tenants got exactly what they wanted.
  2. De-Clutter Our Way: Start Packing! Personal Photos  – pack.  Decorate with ONE item ( accessory) per surface. Pack the rest. Empty Shower Shelves and bathtub  ledges of all soaps, shampoos, etc.  Store them. Toss old bath mats, replace with ONE white one in front of the shower.  Buy a couple of stack of Macy’s Hotel Collection Towels in Spa White – for each bath.
  3. Inform the Concierge that you are selling.  Make sure they have the proper working key on file for your unit to disseminate to agents who have obtained clearance, and that they now where it is.
  4. Lighting – Make sure that all bulbs are working. High rises can be dark if there isn’t enough lighting in the rooms in the evening.  Buy a few modern lamps – a floor lamps – add a stunning modern chandelier if wiring permits.
  5. Artwork – Add one or two pieces of bold modern artwork to large walls space.  Below you will see a few examples of high rises that are well done lighting wise.  ( We can’t create the view – but can help you set the vibe that high rise condo buyers love.)